Direct Sensor Data Acquisition – UniDAQ HF

UniDAQ’s Universal Data Acquisition System UniDAQ HF gathers sensor data at high speeds and provides a local historian store and onward data transfer system.

UniDAQ HF acquires sensor and field equipment data from any source on any remote site. It simplifies data acquisition by providing one integrated system. Data is acquired using standard industrial data formats / protocols and can be configured with an OPC Historian to allow for the analysis of high frequencies ‘On the Edge’ prior to downsampling for onward transmission to office facilities. The integrated single viewer permits full visualization of the raw and processed data to all authorized staff inside of the rig and other remote site networks.

Typically data is transmitted as WITS or WITSML at slow frequencies because of satellite bandwidth limitations

at 0.2 Hz
(one value every 5 seconds) –
and at best 1 Hz
(one value every 1 second).

UniDAQ HF permits analysis of high frequency data prior to downsampling and retains high speed data in the embedded OPC Historian.

The video above is sample of well profile display.