Solutions & Services

All you need. All from one reliable source.

At UniDAQ, we provide our clients with the total solution to their digital oilfield needs through our revolutionary data acquisition hardware. UniDAQ is built rig-tough, to perform reliably in any environment and any climate around the globe. Designed and manufactured in-house, UniDAQ functions range from simple data conversion to edge analytics, serving increasingly complex functions.

Our solutions & services line includes:

UniDAQ converts all your data streams in WITSML format in Real-Time.

UniDAQ aggregates all data from ALL vendors at rig site in one, integrated database, with its own proprietary WITSML Secure Server UniDAQ Data Hub. Data from Electronic Drilling Recorders, Mud Data Analyzers, Mudlogging, LWD can be collected and integrated.

Our unique universal Data Acquisition System UniDAQ HF will gather data from both acquisition systems and sensing devices, providing QC and calibration of data and acquiring data at high frequency.

UniDAQ Edge Analytics Solution enables to generate predictive models and run them
at the edge in Real-Time.

UniDAQ has a solution for the most advanced data aggregation and analysis requirements, based on its PetroVue software platform, its WITSML server and a hardware – MultiDAQ which can handle all data acquisition and supports Edge Analytics.

UniDAQ can guarantee a Protocol Gap in the data transmission which makes it impossible for any malware to be transmitted to the Corporate client system from the field.

Production Monitoring
UniDAQ is versatile and can support Production and Coiled Tubing operations.