Oil & Gas Solutions

Edge enables contractors to deliver data with standardized mnemonics and UOMs, complying with strict WITSML 1.4 requirements. Edge’s User Defined Tags also allow engineers to enter operational comments during well test and coiled tubing operations.


Any and all sensor data


Organize data based on your requirements


Protect data and its value


Send data to multiple destination types

Renewable Energy Sector

Universality and adaptability of Edge means that it can be used across the energy sector. Edge provides the renewable energy sector with auto map data collected to the IEC 61400 or to a manufacturer’s data model, which significantly saves operators’ time. With Edge, you can achieve data standardization across assets and make analysis, reports and downstream alerts much easier.


Edge runs on the latest Windows, Windows Server OS’s. It can additionally be deployed as a set of Linux containers on Linux systems running Docker.